“Hark, now hear the sailors cry,
smell the sea, and feel the sky
let your soul & spirit fly, into the mystic…”

-Van Morrison

Its been about a month since I moved back to Fort Lauderdale; I had been traveling the previous four months. Needless to say, I needed some grounding. Luckily, I live 10 minutes from the ocean, and let me tell you, its literally a sea of tranquility.

If you have a challenge or have been experiencing a lot of stress, spending a little time with Vitamin Sea will provide you with many benefits. The ocean is a large antioxidant; it contains free electrons which are absorbed into your body, neutralizing free radicals (1). Free radicals are very reactive in the body, if they are not neutralized, they can cause damage on the cellular level which, overtime, can lead to serious illness (2). A lot of us have heard of antioxidant supplements and antioxidants in food; but little understand the antioxidant properties of the Earth. The ocean, damp dirt and soil, and any conductive material contains some amount of free electrons. The Earth contains a virtually limitless supply of these free electrons; as long as we are in direct contact with the Earth, we will likely receive benefits including improved sleep, blood oxygenation, heart rate variability, and immune response while also reducing pain, anxiety, irritability, and inflammation (1). When we disconnect from these sources of free electrons, the opposite tends to occur.

While swimming with the ocean today and reflecting, I had an “epiphany.” It is not scientifically proven nor tested, just experienced by me, so try it for yourself and let me know if you agree! Anyway, I went feeling a little unbalanced, with back pain, racing thoughts, and so forth. I stepped into the ocean, floated for some time, swam, and allowed it to neutralize me. This probably took 30-45 minutes. When I got out, I was free of the pain and racing thoughts I had entered with; I instead felt balanced and peaceful. I therefore believe that the ocean has the ability to balance the physical, energetic, and mental levels of the body, within a very short period of time. What medicine! I then began writing, figuring out the best way to spend my time in South Florida. The answers were all very clear, and I felt very tranquil after writing. I was able to connect, at least in part, to my intuitive and spiritual capabilities.

The ocean has helped me, every day for a month, balance my entire being. All I’ve had to do is go in, stand, float, swim, and stay for 45 minutes or so. If you do not live near the ocean, no worries! Most natural settings will have the same effect; the key is to take your shoes off, be quiet, and let nature “do its thing.”

Further Information

For the large majority of us, going to the ocean everyday is not an option. Soon, I probably will not be able to go everyday either. Further, being connected directly to the Earth at all times with our bare skin is highly unlikely: we live in homes and sleep in beds. But, one man, Clint Ober, has found a solution! You can learn more about his experiences by visiting Earthing.com. He produces a variety of products which allow us to always be connected to the Earth, even if you are sleeping or working at your desk!


If it has been a long time since you’ve gone to the ocean, or took your shoes off and connected to the Earth, give it a try! You may not have the same experience as me, but “science says” it will likely make you a little healthier! Have a great day and thank you for reading :-).

Further Reading

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2) Earthing And Your Chakras: which chakra type are you?


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2) Afanas’ev, Igor. Signaling and Damaging Functions of Free Radicals in Aging-Free Radical Theory, Hormesis, and TOR. Aging And Disease. 2010;1(2) 75-88.



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