I’ve sat down to write about five articles today, and only produced one. I attempted to meditate, but lasted five minutes. I cooked, and the food came out bland and tasteless. All I can think about it TIME!!!! The more I focus on time, the less time I seem to have.

I’ve been experiencing contradictory messages about time lately. Here is an example. I drove to the beach this morning and parked in a metered space. My time was worth $.50/hr. If I had parked a little closer to the beach, time would equal $1.25/hr. After reluctantly putting some coins in the meter, enough for 1 hour and 17 minutes to be exact, I walked to the ocean. I removed my shirt and headband, placed them hurriedly on my duffle bag, ran to the water, and jumped in! I was instantly lost in a seemingly timeless experience. The salt soaks my pores, balancing me – I float in tranquility. My worries and cares dissipate as I surrender to the sea. I’m lost in the beauty which surrounds me; I close my eyes and become one with the ocean. I let go of all tension in my body, and simply let the waves carry me wherever they choose.

So, bear with my here: the meters told me my time with the ocean was worth somewhere between $.50 and $1.25 per hour, but the ocean says time does not exist, that it is just a silly human construct which puts unnecessary pressure on people to perform tasks efficiently. I always feel better with the latter, living in a reality of the infinite, in which past, present, and future are one, and the strain that comes with worrying about time is irrational.

How exactly do we live in a world of contradictions, where nature says time does not exist but humans (whom are biological creatures) often disregard this truth and create things like meters, clocks, and hourly pay rates?

To be honest, I have not quite figured out how to be completely relaxed and creative with the pressures of time bearing down upon me. I’ve traveled to other countries and lived in small towns where time was not valued over family, fun, creativity, and health, but I live in a city now, so I must live by the rules of the city. No?

But, there is a strong movement, especially here in Fort Lauderdale, to once again value creativity, community, happiness, and love over “time.” We can once again merge with the infinite by creating self-sustaining communities which grow all the food we need, supply clean drinking water, dynamic shelter, education in mindfulness and the arts, renewable energy sources, and the like. We work out of the sense of enjoyment we feel within ourselves, which we unconditionally wish to share with others, rather than out of a need for goods and services.

I think that the construct of time cannot be disregarded, but simply viewed as a tool to help us guide our daily patterns. Time should never inhibit the creative flow and subdue the life force which resides in the depths of us all. I have “time and time again” surrendered to this human construct and always regret it. This time (sorry for all the puns lol), let us all trust in our divine ability to create and share our passions with the world. Time can wait!

By the way, I did not check my watch once while I was at the beach, and I still returned with four minutes to spare!

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*Originally posted on my old website which no longer exists, riverbearfitness.com.

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