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Hey, my name is Alex! A lot of times I’ve asked myself the question… WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO EAT?!?! I got really fed up with not knowing, so I decided to enroll in a nutrition master’s agesrogram at the National University of Natural Medicine and train to become a Certified Nutrition Specialist. I use this podcast as a tool to share what I am learning through my program, training, and to interview top-shelf food and nutrition experts who share their scientific, evidence-based research and experiences. On my site (thenutritionresource.com), I metabolize the data obtained through these interviews and merge it with what I’m learning in grad school. I then convert it into a digestible bolus of information which I post on the blog. As I’m wrapping up grad school in 2019, I plan to compile the juiciest posts into a meaty manual a-dressing all factors required in planning a sound, sustainable diet. My goal is to, once-and-for-all, figure out how to eat properly. My hope is that this journey may also benefit others attempting to achieve the same desired outcome.

If you have found my plethora of puns palatable and are hungry for more, hit the subscribe button and head to my site to enter your name and email address so I can keep you up-to-date with my progress. You can check out my crowdfunding page as well (https://www.patreon.com/thenutritionresource) to post questions and comments. I’d be happy to receive your help on this journey and use your questions to provide direction in achieving my goal .

Oh yeah! In the past, I hosted “modern-day superheroes,” or individuals whom have found their life’s purpose and are sharing their gifts and talents selflessly with their communities. These folks discussed how they came to live such extraordinary lives while providing actionable tips on how others can do the same. These lifestyle design resources are readily available on the podcast in addition to the food and nutrition resources.



Hey! My name is Alexander Bear; I’d like to welcome you to The Modern-Day Superhero Show! This podcast is essentially my research notepad, and my primary interest is in understanding what creates modern-day superheroes, individuals who have found their life’s purpose and are sharing their gifts and talents selflessly with their communities, and, in turn, are creating profound positive change in the world. My secondary interests include food, meditation, movement (exercise), sustainability, healing, medicine, and service. I’m fascinated by the interplay of these particular areas and their roles in the creation of communities centered around positive growth and development.

I utilize this podcast as a platform to interview extraordinary individuals whom have had a major impact on my life. I ask them about their background, what inspires them, what obstacles they’ve had to overcome, how they overcame said obstacles, and I ask them to share simple, actionable, and effective tools for overcoming life’s challenges and finding real purpose. I also interview individuals whom are experts in the areas of food, meditation, movement, sustainability, healing, medicine, and service. For the most part, the experts tend to live extraordinary, service-oriented lives, so the interviews are typically a blend of questions regarding life purpose, overcoming obstacles, and their particular field of expertise.

Alex Bear

MDS Final Episode – Reflection and Insights – RELEASE DATE 08/30/17 – Join me as I share all I have learned in producing this podcast and introduce you to my new podcast, The Nutrition Resource.

Dr. Benjamin Page
Gardening, Chickens, & Eating in Season w/ Dr. Ben, Wellness Farmer y Chiropractor RELEASE DATE 6/29/17 – Learn to start a garden, the art of raising chickens, and tips for cultivating and sticking with a healthy lifestyle.

Stas Pantelopolus

#15: Feel Your Feelings w/ Psychotherapist Stas Pantelopulos RELEASE DATE 5/12/17 – A psychotherapist shares on cultivating awareness, overcoming fear, addressing trauma, getting closure, and much more!

Bradley Samore

#14 – Creativity in Poetry w/ Bradley SamoreRELEASE DATE: 1/23/17 – Poet and high school teacher Bradley Samore discusses getting in touch with your creative side, the value of not being afraid to make a fool of yourself, how to make the best of uncomfortable situations, and much more in this episode.

Alexander Bear

#13: Updates and Future PlansRELEASE DATE: 01/16/17 – Tune in to learn what is coming in 2017! Sneak peak: “My intention is to provide young adults with simple tools and guidance for looking within themselves and discovering who they are, what their purpose on this Earth is, and how to start making strides to stepping into this purpose-filled role, utilizing their own special gifts and talents to best serve their communities and humanity.”

Roman Kaziev

#12: Arctic Swimming w/ Russian Polar Bear Roman Kaziev – RELEASE DATE: 01/09/17 – Icy water and freezing temperatures do not deter Roman and his polar bear club from swimming at Manhattan Beach, NY. Tune in to this episode to find out how they do it, and the health benefits of cold-water immersion.

Joe Dehnert

#11: Soul Endeavors with Fly-Fishing Guru Joe DehnertRELEASE DATE: 01/02/17 Jovial Joe shares the inspiration behind picking up over 1,000 pounds of garbage while hiking the entire Appalachian Trail, how losing his father and best (four-legged) friend motivated him to make profound changes in his life, and the role reciprocating love has had in helping him find his life’s purpose.

Larry Keller

#10: The Wizard on Vision Quests, Finding Your Purpose & Place, & Recovering from Addiction w/ Larry KellerRELEASE DATE: 12/26/16 – If you are looking for your place in the world, struggling to find a sense of purpose in life, or to find a community to share your passions with, then this episode is for you! Larry Keller, program director of Red Oak Recovery and former wilderness guide/vision quest facilitator shares on these topics and more in this episode of The Modern-Day Superhero Show!

Jabari Lee

#9: Cultivating a Green Thumb w/ Jabari Lee – RELEASE DATE: 12/19/16 – Jabari Lee, accelerated student of civil and environmental engineering, discusses his passion for plants, sustainable ecological solutions to urban challenges, and how he has found great success in his academic and research endeavors.

Craig Hauptmann

#8: Recovering from Alcoholism Naturally w/ Craig “The Captain” Hauptman – Release Date: 12/12/16 – Craig “The Captain” Hauptman shares a handful of useful tips for planning a simple, affordable backpacking trip, as well as how he has used nature as a tool to heal in recovering from active alcohol addiction. Craig currently works as a backpacking guide and vision quest facilitator at a drug and alcohol addiction center near Asheville, North Carolina.

Douglas Phillips

#7: Reversing Autoimmune Disease in One Day, Energetic Medicine, & God-Centered Healing w/ Dr. Douglas Phillips– RELEASE DATE: 12/5/16 – If you or a loved one is suffering from any sort of debilitating disease, you must tune in to this episode! Dr. Phillips shares how he can begin reversing autoimmune disease in just one day and how he helps his patients recover from Lyme’s Disease, cancer, multiple chemical sensitivity, and other serious illnesses.

Gladimir Simeon

#6: Community-Oriented Fitness w/ Glad Simeon – RELEASE DATE: 11/28/16 – Get ready to be motivated! Struggling to reach your health and fitness goals? Not sure how to realize your wildest dreams or connect with your community? In this episode, Glad answers these concerns and many, many more.

Dr. Robert Linde

#5: Healing w/ Acupuncture & Herbs – Dr. Linde, Acupuncture Physician & Herbalist – RELEASE DATE: 11/21/16 – In this episode, Bob, Acupuncture Physician and Herbalist, shares why he often prescribes nature walks as a treatment protocol as well as how he uses acupuncture needles to catalyze profound positive change in his patient’s lives.

Manasa Kanithi

#4: Finding Purpose Through Teaching Yoga w/ Manasa Kanithi  – RELEASE DATE: 11/14/16 – Meet my best friend Manasa! In this episode, she will teach you how to love yourself and overcome any obstacle in your life.


#3: Dr. Dominic D’Agostino – Dom D’Agostino on Ketogenic Diets, Ketone Salts v. Ketone Esters, Eating for Sports Performance, & Much More RELEASE DATE: 11/7/16  Curious how a simple dietary strategy could allow you to increase focus, lose weight, enhance sports performance, and even control diabetes and combat cancer? Nutrition guru Dom D’Agostino drops knowledge on many topics related to these questions and more in this episode.


#2: Daniel Nyiri (E-Fit & 4U-Fitness Owner) – 20 Minute Electrical Muscle Stimulation (Electrofitness) Exercise, Diet & Conventional Training, and Overcoming ChallengesRELEASE DATE: 11/7/16  Too busy to exercise? Having trouble losing weight and keeping it off? In this episode, Daniel gives you simple and effective solutions for al of your strength training and weight loss concerns.


#1: Total Cellular Detox & Optimizing Environmental Health w/ ACAM President Dr. Bauerschmidt – RELEASE DATE: 11/7/16  Did you know that, on average, we are exposed to 78 million times more contaminants than our livers can process each day? In this episode, Dr. B, president of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, shares the solution to eliminate all those contaminants from your cells and how to prevent the accumulation of more toxicants, and much more.

Alexander Bear

#0- Introduction to The Modern-Day Superhero Show RELEASE DATE: 11/7/16 – Join me as I introduce The Modern-Day Superhero Show, which is all about discovering purpose through optimizing health!