Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path.

Proverbs 3:5+6


This article I am sharing essentially address how to be in tune with yourself, nature, and God. First, I will say that I am not always in this state, but when I am, it is when I feel most peaceful and when I am most helpful to others. I give with all of my heart, and I am taken care of in ways that I could not even fathom. I ask for nothing, but am given back ten-fold of what I have perceived that I have given. Nothing has really changed externally: there could be a lightning storm, someone could be giving me a dirty look, I am breathing in smog, etc… but I am completely unaffected, simply peaceful and helpful. This article will discuss thoughts, the mind, and tools to help gain mastery over the mind.

On Thoughts

Addiction to thought is a dreadful affliction. If we allow our thoughts to take control of us, we can set ourselves up for a lot of suffering. Thoughts will come and go, they never necessarily stop. But when they come, we can train ourselves to simply observe them. For instance, you may have a thought, “I hate the way she scolds me over nothing.” If you allow this seed thought to develop, it may lead to other thoughts… “She’s been scolding me since I was five… She makes me so mad! I hate her! I’m not speaking with her again!” If we allow this negativity to build, tension and pain develop in the body. Our physiology and minds are impacted negatively. But, if we have the seed thought, “I hate the way she scolds me” and just watch it pass like a cloud through the sky, we remain unaffected by it, we remain peaceful.  The mind is a tool which is often drastically overused. Thoughts are created, and we spend all day following them, often to our detriment.

Hearing the Voice of God

We can observe the thoughts, quiet the mind to a ripple, and hear the voice of God. We will no longer worry if our decisions are right or wrong; it will no longer matter, for now we are silent and are simply following the voice of God, the higher self. When this happens, we feel deep peace in each breath, movement, and action. This if Life, this is Truth.

Overusing Our Mind-Tool

When we overuse any tool, it is not helpful. If we want to put a painting up in our house and hang it from a nail, we take a hammer and pound the nail into the wall a few times. A few times. If we pounded the nail 10,000 times into the wall, the wall would be cracked and damaged, and we would no longer be able to put up the painting.

If we use our minds excessively to solve the challenges of the day, we wear down our walls, our bodies, our temples. With faith, we will see that a few minutes with the mind is enough, 24 hours a day will cause illness.

How to Quiet the Mind

Quieting the mind can be challenging at first, just like anything else new that we try. Before we begin, think of something you are really good at, cooking, web design, basketball, anything… How long did it take you to get really good at it? It may have been months, years, or even decades.

If you would like to get really good at quieting your mind, it will take patience and practice, just like learning any new skill. Further, you may have been taught and conditioned to constantly use the mind pretty much every second of the day; if so, doing the exact opposite will of course be challenging. But give it a shot! Then stick with it; it is definitely a worthwhile practice.

To quiet the mind, all you have to do is meditate. There are an infinite number of ways to meditate. The most common is to sit comfortably, close your eyes, and observe your breath. Simply focus your attention on the inhale and exhale, feeling any sensation which arises in the are directly below your nose. This method is useful, but can be challenging; perhaps you are wonderful at knitting, and feel peaceful and have a calm mind when making quilts. Or you may have a quiet mind when fly-fishing, or when swimming, or sitting under an oak tree… All one has to do is find the method which best works for them; there is no right or wrong, the best method is determined solely by an individual.

Resources on Meditation

I’ve found the best way to learn to meditate is by visiting a Vipassana meditation center. The 10-day retreats are free and teach a valuable method of meditation step by step. A simple Google search will also provide books, meditation centers in your area, and the like.


The mind is a tool, if we overuse this tool, it does not actually help us, although we have often been conditioned to believe so. If we work on quieting the mind, it may lead to a feeling of peace, which may make the challenges of the day easier to address. Rather than becoming anxious and flustered, we may keep calm in the face of even the most serious challenges. With practices of meditation and faith, life will not likely become any easier per say, but our grounded nature will shield us from difficulty, allowing us to be most helpful to ourselves and others.

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