“It’s not very often people get to do exactly what they are called to do in life. I feel so blessed that I do. I am so passionate about helping and educating people on how to heal their bodies from chronic illness and bring hope to them. We must remember that God made our bodies and therefore the body has the ability to heal itself.” – Douglas Phillips

Welcome to episode 007 of The Modern-Day Superhero Show! In this episode, I interviewed Dr. Douglas Phillips. Dr. Phillips is a theocentric holistic healer who operates a clinic in West Palm Beach, FL. In his practice, he uses cutting-edge, non-invasive energetic diagnostic and treatment modalities to eliminate autoimmune diseases and detoxify the body. Dr. Phillips treats the energetic aspect of everything from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and cancer to lyme disease and multiple chemical sensitivity. He aims at the cause of the problem, not just it’s symptoms. Doug practiced as a dentist for over thirty-five years, and has been practicing as a holistic healer for over fifteen.

This episode focuses on utilizing energetic medicine to overcome debilitating diseases and how Dr. Phillips has overcome great adversity to live his life’s purpose. Doug also shares how he has remained healthy and incredibly active even in his mid-70s.


  • How a traditional dentist become a god-centered holistic healer
  • Evolution of disease – how organisms that cause illness have shed their cell walls and how to treat this adaptation
  • Noninvasive medical diagnostic methods for disease-causing agents and toxicants
  • Energetic diagnostic and treatment modalities including:
    • Autonomic response testing 
    • Direct resonance testing 
    • Laser energetic detox – removing toxins completely from body every 24.5 hours
  • The use of herbal nutraceuticals which allows for complete detoxification of certain toxicants in 17-20 days 
  • Why Dr. Phillips’ dental license was revoked for practicing energetic medicine although the court ruled in his favor
  • Doug’s approach to guiding his patients to heal 
  • How to reverse autoimmunity in 24.5 hrs
  • Optimizing your envioronment for health 
  • How to stay healthy and protected in a toxic environment 
  • Using great white shark Australian salt water crocodile immune stimulating peptides to enhance the immune system
  • The importance of challenging times and faith for finding purpose in life 

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