“I wanted to find out how to give the best advice ever. How?!?! And with all the tuition, all the student loans, all of that stuff, what I found out is, the best advice you can give anyone, is no advice. All that money! Don’t give them any advice! You just ask them the right questions. And you just have them dig a little deeper, allow space for some introspection. Because the answer is within you. You’ll find the answer if you take time to search for it.” – Gladimir Simeon

Welcome to episode 006 of The Modern-Day Superhero Show! I interviewed Gladimir Simeon for this episode. Glad is owner of Glad Health & Fitness, Inc., a community-oriented wellness center located in sunny south Florida. He also owns three other companies: Glad Health Transport, Inc., Coach Glad, Inc., and The Simeon Publishing Group, Inc. Glad holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Florida Atlantic University, is a certified health and fitness specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine, and is currently finishing up a master’s program in mental health counseling. He holds many titles: business and life empowerment coach, author, presenter, and entrepreneur.

I grew up going to summer camp and playing sports with Glad – he is a long time friend and has served as a mentor to me the past several years. He is an incredibly loving and humble person, and always has great knowledge and wisdom to share. I’ve always made a joke with him, due to his motivating nature, to let me know when his posters would be ready so I can put one up in my bedroom!

All jokes aside, this is a wonderful episode. Glad shares very helpful tips in regard to finding purpose in life, living a balanced lifestyle, being the best version of yourself, and even touches on weight loss strategies.


  • Why Glad transitioned his business from personal training into a community-oriented wellness facility
  • Why you may get better, longer-lasting results with a community-oriented wellness center as opposed to a gym
  • Why having a structure and consistent schedule is essential when participating in a fitness program
  • The importance of defining your core values when building your brand
  • How to be the best boss, manager, and leader you can be 
  • Ten mistakes to avoid when losing weight
  • How to use your childhood dreams and passions to find your purpose in life 
  • How to realize when your choices have caused you misery and how to find happiness again
  • How to use your mistakes as learning tools for personal growth 
  • How Glad stays healthy even when working 12-16 hours day 
  • How to use exercise to connect with a higher power 
  • Glad’s self care strategy

How to Contact Gladimir:

Glad’s Books

Memorable Quotes by Gladimir in this Interview

  • “Everyone on this planet is sent with a gift and a talent to help others. It’s not for you to make millions of dollars. That is just a result of helping others… who were you sent here to help?”
  • “Usually, what agitates you the most is what you were sent here to change.”
  • “Find a way to help people with what you have.”


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