On episode 004 of The Modern-Day Superhero Show, I sat down with Manasa Kanithi. Manasa is a registered yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance and has been teaching for five years. She’s an incredibly interesting and remarkable person; she has traveled to over 16 countries and helped with disaster relief in both Haiti and Japan. On a lighter note, you can often find her reading 8 books at once, sometimes in the 8 different languages she speaks. I decided to interview Manasa for the show because she is one of my best friends and I have seen her help so many people throughout the years. I often describe her as a stoic leprechaun – she’s always incredibly energetic and bubbly, but when called upon, she speaks wisdom that touches you at the depths of your soul. This episode is no exception. Manasa speaks on how she overcame many forms of abuse in her life to find real joy and happiness. We also discuss the importance of community and how to find a sense of belonging no matter where you are. And of course, we discuss Yoga, meditation, and the benefits of each thoroughly.


  • How to find community and a sense of belonging no matter where you are
  • How Manasa overcame racism and adversity to lead a fulfilling life
  • The benefits of Yoga
  • The benefits of meditation
  • The value of being aware of the breath
  • The true meaning of Yoga
  • Guidance in find your life’s purpose

How to Contact Manasa

“That moment that I connected the dot that peace would come from sharing my own truth, my own journey, that’s when the shift really happened for me.”

  • Contact: kmk12345@gmail.com

Shout Outs

Shot out to the Lotus Pond in Tampa, FL! This is where Manasa and I did our Yoga teacher training. They have classes every day in Tampa; they also provide Yoga Teacher Training programs in Florida as well as North Carolina with some of the top-trained instructors in the world [e.g. Karin Stephan (trained by Iyengar) & Larissa Carlson (former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda)].


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