Today, I sat down with Dr. Michael Bauerschmidt. Dr. B is the current president of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, functional medicine physician at Sweetgrass Health, has 23 years of experience as an ER doc and 8 in integrative medicine. He specializes in environmental medicine, which is what we discussed in-depth during this episode. If you want some of the most profound knowledge on how to prevent accumulation of toxins in your body and what to do when you are sick with an environmental-related illness, this show is for you!

“My purpose is to change the face of medicine, one patient at a time.” – Dr. B

What You Will Learn:

  • The best water purification system for homes
  • How to identify and overcome chemical sensitivity
  • The best ways to combat indoor air pollution
  • The dangers of cooking with Teflon
  • Safety considerations when eating seafood
  • Scientific misinformation
  • How to effectively detoxify the cells in our body using oxygen therapy
  • How to safely and effectively eliminate all of the toxins in your cells and in your body

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