Coming Back

So many days spent under light bulbs
that now as the clouds move across the sun
an uncanny feeling comes over me
more subtle than the flick of a switch
or the evenness of a dimmer
a feeling of another world
forgotten but coming back
as my shadow changes before me

-Bradley Samore

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode number fourteen of The Modern-Day Superhero Show! For this episode, I decided to interview one of my best friends, Bradley Samore. Brad is currently a high school English teacher in Raleigh, NC. He is a Fulbright Scholar and taught one academic year in Tineo, Spain; he received the, “Beginning Teacher of the Year” award in Palm Beach County, FL last year. He also writes beautiful poetry, and has had poems published in four different literary journals. Other achievements include: awarded the National Excellence in Leadership Award in 2012 and the Outstanding Display of Leadership Award in 2011 by the National Society of Leadership and Success; received the Music Education Award from the College of Fine Arts in 2011.

I decided to interview Brad for a few reasons. One, convenience… lol! I am visiting him now in Chapel Hill. But more seriously, I have found that creativity is of vital importance in living a life of fulfillment and purpose; Brad, has found a way to harness his creative capacity and share it with young adults. Further, he is an exemplary example of a successful young adult: he is incredibly self-aware and has found a way to actively pursue his passions, and has received several nationally and locally-recognized awards in his work as both a student and as a teacher. Additionally, Brad has direct experience with the young adult target audience I have decided to pursue, so getting to ask him about his interactions with students and the way in which he navigates their struggles and challenges was a treat. 


  • How to get in touch with your creative side
  • How to work within a very structured system while also staying true to yourself
  • The importance of letting go and surrendering
  • The value of not being afraid to make a fool of yourself
  • How to make the best of uncomfortable situations

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Quote by Brad

I started to really come into my own when I was comfortable letting people laugh at me and look like an idiot. And the more I did that, the more people actually liked me!



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