“The more you give, the more you get.” – Roman Kaziev

Hey everyone! Welcome to episode number twelve of The Modern-Day Superhero Show! In this episode, I interviewed Roman Kaziev, founder of the Polar Bear club that swims every morning at Manhattan Beach, NY, rain, shine, snow, sleet, or hail! I was very humbled to have gotten the opportunity to practice Yoga with the polar bears and be shown the method for safely entering the chilly water.

I met Roman at a Vipassana meditation course about a year and a half ago. I was fascinated by his stories of swimming in freezing waters, so when I was up in the northeast near Manhattan Beach, I decided it would be great to go and meet with him and his friends.

Of course, learning that I, and virtually anyone for that matter, could learn to withstand and even enjoy swimming for substantial periods of time in cold water was amazing, but I was more blown-away by the fact that Roman had used his knowledge of Yoga and cold-water swimming to build a community based around exercise and spiritual growth. Everyone I met in the polar bear club was vibrant, whether they were middle-aged or high schoolers, all excited to share their experience. I’ve included a few of their testimonials towards the end of this podcast. They share on how becoming polar bears has given them more self-confidence, helped them lose weight, avoid surgeries, and even helped them in their businesses.

This episode discusses the topics of community, Yoga, and cold-water swimming, and Roman will even give you a few tools that can be used to start your journey to swimming in cold water today!


7:57 – How Roman starting swimming on Manhattan Beach

8:50 – How the practice of Yoga led Roman to a more spiritual path in life

9:30 – The benefits of Vipassana meditation

12:42 – What is the meaning of Yoga – (union, bond, bringing people together)

14:28 – How a connection with nature can profoundly change your life

18:12 – The importance of community

19:50 – Where to start if you want to try cold-water immersion

20:56 – Testimonials


Email: rkaziev@yahoo.com


Please do not take this episode as medical advice. I am not a doctor, nor claim to be one. I cover people who have learned to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through natural means like exercise, but do not advise anyone to try anything suggested here. Please contact a physician to see if you are fit for exercise, and if you are trying to swim in cold water, please be smart about it! it is intense, and it must be gradual. If done incorrectly, it can cause serious injury, even death. So, again, please do not take this as advice.


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