On episode 003 of The Modern-Day Superhero Show, I sat down with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino to discuss a variety of questions I had related to the ketogenic diet. Dr. D’Agostino is a researcher operating out of the University of South Florida who develops nutrition-based therapies for the metabolic management of neurological diseases and cancer. The intention of this podcast was to ask questions which Dom had not answered on previous shows which he was featured on, such as, “The Tim Ferris Show,” “Bulletproof Radio,” and “Found My Fitness.” Dom D’Agostino’s episodes have been downloaded millions of times; his knowledge of nutrition and exercise are incredible, and this episode is nothing less than amazing in regard to answering questions about nutrition and sports performance, proper use of ketone supplements, and so much more. If you have no idea what the ketogenic diet is, I suggest reading my concise start guide to the ketogenic diet before listening to this episode.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to Formulate a Proper Ketogenic Diet
  • The Truths of Adaptation to Ketogenic Diets in Regards to Sports Performance
  • Timing When to Eat Before and After Exercise
  • The Safety and Efficacy of Ketone Supplements
  • The Importance of Training Your Body for Metabolic Flexibility and how to do so
  • Current research Dom is working on using metabolic therapies for cancer treatment
  • Tips & Tricks for Finding and Maintaining Motivation as well as for finding purpose in life

How to Contact Dr. D’Agostino:

How to Donate to Dom’s Research Lab

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A Tour of Dom’s Lab


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