Marketing Help Needed

Marketing Help Needed – Mostly Social Media


I’d like to pay you $50 bi-weekly at $10/hr. That comes to be putting in about 20-25 mins/day 7 days/wk. The position can start immediately.

Job Requirements

The ideal candidate is someone who enjoys health/wellness and social media marketing, who wants to learn something about entrepreneurship through websites (podcasts, blog, vlog), and likes helping small businesses grow. Having a background in marketing would be helpful – the more you know, the more you will be able to help me, obviously lol. But, a strong desire to research how to effectively market for websites via social media and other methods would be sufficient.

Job Description

  • Make sure all of my blog posts end up in Twitter and Facebook (currently my site is messing up and I can’t do this automatically without overloading it
  • Follow/interact with people on twitter and Instagram – reply to any comments, comment on people’s stuff related to mine, retweet people’s tweets 
  • Post on twitter 5x/day with unique article content (e.g. a cool article on nutrition or exercise or meditation etc…)
  • Post 2 photos on Instagram/day
  • Post 1 reply/article on Reddit once every 2-3 days – Make post authentic as to not get account deactivated
  • At times I’ll just need you to double check that some of my automated posts for the blog went through (like when I’m at work in the forest) and post if needed 

All of this will be done manually by you for now, although I am going to buy coschedule which can automate posts relatively soon so that it will be easier on you – I have access to it now on a free trial if you want to see it

I’ll set you up for success by giving you a list of topics that I talk about a lot

I’ll also give you a set of keywords to add to posts

And pics that you can upload 

I also ask that you make a simple word document with all the posts you make on Twitter  – this way when I start to automate stuff, it’ll be easier for me to repost things that have worked well 

The goal is to increase my social media following by 20+ people on Twitter and Instagram each day, and to get a lot of views using reddit

As more people follow and share my stuff there, more people will subscribe to my newsletter, download my podcasts, and such

The more people I engage, the easier it will make it to monetize my site – through sponsorships etc…

So, you are directly helping me make this sustainable – once I start generating income, I can pay you more

I figured, you do this stuff already anyway, and it will give you direct experience for your business and communications degree. I can be a reference for you, write you letters, explaining how you helped me grow my business and used social media as a tool for communication


To apply, simply send a resume to, any example of your work, and a brief summary of why you wish to take the position (what you want to get out of it, your health/wellness background, anything you think I should be aware of).

PS – My current crowdfunding page can be seen here