This life was made to be enjoyed; we can never forget this. To feel the mist of a salty ocean breeze, the awesome power of a waterfall, green everlasting, infinite fields, refreshing cold mountain water pouring down your throat after a strenuous hike, a conversation under the moonlight. There is so much to be thankful for; there are so many reasons to live. Let us enjoy this life, this Earth.

Why do we sometimes forget? Why do we get lost in illusion, in loss, in suffering? There is so much in the world to see, to enjoy, so much to learn.

The past is in the past, the future is not yet here. The present is all that exists.

Remember how you feel looking into the start-studded sky on a clear night, the embrace of your lover, the rush of blood as it moves through your veins like a rising river.

Remember what is it like to be alive, to truly live. There is so much to live for, so much to see, so much to experience.

If we watch the sun rise and set, witness tempestuous river rapids and feel the calm beneath its surface, watch the animals frolic, we will be alive. If we forget the beauty of our planet, of the universe, of ourselves, hope is behind the clouds, and in the shadows, but it is never lost.

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