Health Coaching: A Profession that Keeps You Honest

Have you ever hired a health coach who was overweight and stressed, a personal trainer who did not have muscles and an outgoing personality, or an anxious, inflexible yoga teacher?

The answer to these three previous questions is likely a resounding, “NO!!!” But, have you ever been treated by a doctor who was sick or appeared stressed and unhealthy? Or perhaps by a coughing nurse who was overweight and rude? The answers to these two may be yes.

One aspect of being a health coach, personal trainer, and yoga teacher which I really enjoy is that I have a duty to be an upstanding example of health. If I do not get enough rest, if I do not regularly meditate, eat healthy, lift weights, stretch, reflect, and journal, I soon become unhealthy. Even a few days of an unbalanced lifestyle becomes apparent in my physical appearance, and how can I possibly help someone achieve balance and work towards living a healthier lifestyle if I myself am not balanced and healthy? My choice to serve others has provided me with the responsibility of constantly serving myself, always leading the healthiest lifestyle I can and learning everything possible to correct my own weaknesses so that I can help others correct theirs.

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