In this article, I simply wanted to share some really neat articles and and photographs that I have come across on the topic of food around the world. The first article is called, “The great global food gap: Families around the world photographed with weekly shopping as they reveal cost ranges from £3.20 to £320.” As the title implies, it simply shows a number of families around the world pictured with their weekly groceries and the amount they spent on said groceries.

This next article is called,”A Worldwide Day’s Worth of Food.” This article shows photos of people from various walks of life all around the world with a day’s worth of food. It portrays similarities and differences in the food choices of say an American model and an Egyptian camel broker.

The last article called, “Half of the World’s Food is Thrown Away” provides a research analysis on just how much food is wasted around the world despite over 2 million people dying of starvation every year. Tips are also given on how to eliminate food waste.

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