Hey’ y’all!

The purpose of this post is to explain how I plan to approach this site. This will give you an idea of how to navigate it. As a former “website dude” who used to create user-friendly content and web pages I’m hoping the process of navigating this site is intuitive and organic, but if not, here ya go!

You see a tab called, “Navigation Menu.” Click there. As I fill in the site, the idea is that whatever topic you have considered looking up will be there and you can click on it. If you don’t wanna navigate through that, just use the search bar on the right side of your screen. Also, if you’re brand-new to the site, the “Start Here” tab is a good place to start… obviously lol.

So, you may wonder where the information for this site comes from. Well, my plan is to include all of my references as I source from them. As a nutrition student, I have the unique advantage of having access to professional (and expensive) databases such as UpToDate and journals with the latest peer-reviewed articles that the general public does not have access to. I pull mainly from there. I’ve also got access to NIH’s professional website along with the Linus Pauling Institute and a few other powerhouses of nutrition information – I use typically use those as a jumping-off point for gathering the data I am seeking. And, I feel very fortunate to have access to passionate professors of nutrition/medicine/science who can lead me in the right direction and answer my questions. They come from my university and universities throughout the world.Because I am a student at NUNM and some of my professors teach there and at OHSU, I have access to them, but as an interested student with a strong purpose, my hope is to be able to contact and interview many of the world’s top nutrition experts. Some of these experts have their own blogs – I will use these blogs as a starting point for some of my own research and follow up with the writers of the blogs when necessary or use the primary databases/journals to validate their content… not to get off on a tangent but sometimes nutrition experts and physicians post things on blogs that aren’t backed by a lot of research. They’re just trendy topics with great potential so they write catchy titles and gain subscribers and then sell them things… that’s not my intention. My intention is to be as transparent as possible in the information I provide. There is too much confusion in nutrition already to confuse you any further.

With all that being said, take everything posted on this site with a grain of salt. Yes, the pun was intended! They all are… lol! Use it not as hard and fast rules but rather a jumping-off point for your own research. Make sure I’m not BSing you… I’m not always perfect, although I try to be. If you ever read something I write that is confusing or you do not agree with, challenge me on it. I’m just a student, it helps me grow and to learn.

Well, thank you! Hope you find all this useful :-).

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