Hey! My name is Alexander Bear; I’d like to welcome you to moderndaysuperhero.com! This site is essentially my research notepad, and my primary interest is in understanding what creates modern-day superheroes, individuals who have found their life’s purpose and are sharing their gifts and talents selflessly with their communities, and, in turn, are creating profound positive change in the world. My secondary interests include food, meditation, movement (exercise), sustainability, healing, medicine, and service. I’m fascinated by the interplay of these particular areas and their roles in the creation of communities centered around positive growth and development.

I utilize this site as a platform to interview extraordinary individuals whom have had a major impact on my life. I ask them about their background, what inspires them, what obstacles they’ve had to overcome, how they overcame said obstacles, and I ask them to share simple, actionable, and effective tools for overcoming life’s challenges and finding real purpose. I also interview individuals whom are experts in the areas of food, meditation, movement, sustainability, healing, medicine, and service. For the most part, the experts tend to live extraordinary, service-oriented lives, so the interviews are typically a blend of questions regarding life purpose, overcoming obstacles, and their particular field of expertise.

In addition to the interviews, which are released via a podcast, I create blog entries on the aforementioned topics, and in time, will create instructional video series on them as well. The content comes from my past work, volunteer, educational, travel, and general life experiences; I’ve worked as a vision quest facilitator, wilderness therapy field guide, Yoga teacher, and personal  trainer.  I’ve volunteered as a Vipassana meditation server, in cancer centers, hospitals, retirement homes, botanical gardens, in India to restore arid land, and in a few others settings. My degree is a B.S. in biomedical science from the University of South Florida, and I am currently attaining an M.S. in nutrition from the National University of Natural Medicine. I have written an undergraduate thesis on how electromagnetic fields affect human health, and have contributed to several other research projects, in the areas of clinical nutrition, medicinal and poisonous plants, sociology, archaeology, and have presented research at two symposiums. I plan to being medical school in 2020.

I have been an intent student of life for some years now, and this website is the manifestation of a handful of unique, and what I believe to be, insightful and profound experiences that can teach valuable lessons. So, in addition to creating the notes for myself, I also produce this site to share what I learn with others, in the hope that it may provide useful information to those ready to lead purpose-filled, fulfilling, and service-oriented lives.

My ultimate goal in life is to learn as much as I possibly can about healing, to heal myself and to help others to heal. Ultimately, after attaining a master’s degree and MD, I plan to practice medicine for some time, and eventually found a healing center which teaches folks how to overcome illness and lead prosperous lives, the methods to heal being the most safe, simple, and effective as possible. I’ve found great benefit in the most simple and accessible healing “modalities,” such as eating organic, local food in a way that supports an individual’s unique biochemistry, using meditation to get to the root cause of suffering and to better cope with stress and pain, exercise to strengthen the body and recover from injury, and related methods. I have been teaching these in one way or another for the past 5 years, and plan to continue to hone my skills in these areas, and teach others how to heal through simple lifestyle changes surrounding diet, exercise, meditation, connection with others, and connection to the natural world.

This is my purpose, and ultimately, I think this is something the world needs. I produce this site to share what I have found beneficial to me and to those I have helped throughout the years.